The kids of West Beverly High bid farewell and embraced their graduation with the combination of joys and tears as they freely accepted that they are already leaving high school life and that they must prepare for a bigger and much challenging course in College.

Watch 90210 Season 4 Episode 1 Online Free

On the finale of the previous season of the teen drama series, Naomi made a decision that almost stopped her from graduating with the rest of her classmates as the graduation was getting near. In other news, Liam told Annie about his plans of not going to college and an unplanned wedding strings up. However, Adrianna was really devastated when she was not invited after the group discovered her scheme to get revenge with Silver.

 90210 totally depicted how unpredictable, fun and sometimes hard it is to be in your senior years in high school, that is why it was being loved by many of its viewers. So when the series ended its third season, many really felt sad. But to cheer you up a bit, I say you can watch 90210 Season 4 Episode 1 online this upcoming fall 2011. That’s totally good news, right? Well, you’d better mark your calendars starting now.

What do you expect to happen on Season 4 of 90210? Since it is already the end of the senior year of the friends in West Beverly High, it’s about time to embrace College life. What courses do you think will they choose? Who’s not going to College among the group? Now, there are still a lot of questions buzzing into your minds, but wait till you watch 90210 Season 4 Episode 1 online and see what happens.

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